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Made Different Not Less Lotions

sensory sensations

Our lotions were created to not only heal and soothe dehydrated skin but to better reach and utilize the senses. The lotions are handmade with every individual in mind. To the nurse washing her hands hundreds of times a day contributing to saving the lives of our loved ones, to the teacher sanitizing herself, every desk, and each student, turning pages of the future, to the CEO making sure his staff is taken care of after working overtime and spending the extra hours away from their families. The original purpose, however, I'll admit was selfish.

I knew that different scents had unique purposes - many of them fascinating and after researching ( trying them myself) excitingly true!

I decided to put many of them to use in our home, specifically on our little dude, Rocco.

I'll explain.

During tantrums, before bed, a therapy session, overstimulation...

when these situations occur the best calming (focusing) agent for Rocco (every child is different) is a pressure massage. While we either did this with no lotion or any that was handy it would have a positive effect.

One night, ok, early morning around 2 a.m. I could not get him to calm down. I got some lavender oil and mixed it in an old lotion I had. The consistency was awful but that wasn't my goal.

It wasn't five minutes later he was lying beside me with his eyelids heavy. So either I found something positive I could share with others or put "Friends" on repeat for hours and eventually he'll pass out!

It took days, weeks, months of mixing, smelling, sneezing, and testing to find our potions.

While they work for now, just as in ourselves, there's always room for improvement!

So WELCOME! Thank you for visiting and we look forward to being a part of your journey!

Once you place your order, please send a message indicating the scent you requested! Thank you!!

If you do not see the scent of your choice, please use the message form at the bottom of the page and we will accommodate your needs!

(All packages include #ROCCOSJOURNEY band bracelet along with other small tokens of appreciation)

Valerie Cullari - Owner

Small Lotion (1 oz.)

This small jar of lotion contains a powerful mixture of all-natural ingredients with a scent of your choice.

Each scent has a purpose and impact on your body and mind.

See the list below and include which you would like! If you don't see the scent you were looking for please request the custom scent in a message.

Our Lotions and Packages

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