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Autism Isn't A Label, It's a Journey



The World Yo​u See

What is in that world you see?

The sky bright blue or hint of green?

Is everything in black or white?

Not the colors, wrong or right.

Suddenly smiles appear,

It comes with laughter, happy tears.

But tell me in the world you see,

Are people kind or people mean?

Is there hate that you see past?

Anger thrown and bad names cast?

You see my boy your world is safe.

Over here there's too much hate.

Just like me. give love to all.

Gay, straight, black, purple, short or tall.

Muslim, English, Chinese, 


See the good they see in you.

So baby boy that world you see,

It's the world you've given me.

I love to spin, dance with the wind,

Sing to music heard within.

I hear the words you always speak

through our eyes where our souls meet,

So my sweet boy that world you see...

You're not alone. You're there with me.

Welcome To Us

Welcome to our opposite ends of the rainbow; Autism and Neurodiversity where we embrace all, judge none, and accept every. We don’t keep much private but enough to have a life of our own. You will be traveling the Rainbow Road of our Autism and Neurodiversity journey. There will be days of happiness, sadness, pain, laughter, many “what the f’s”, poop eating (yup), tantrums, celebrations, judgments, and so much more! Welcome to #RoccosJourney & #LilysLife.

All we ask is that you remain judgement free.

We may say the wrong thing, we may not agree on education style, we may even have different beliefs, like different candy, and even debate over symbols of representation.

BUT we do agree on something...

we want the best for our kids, siblings, family, and friends.

Let that be the ONE thing that bonds us.

Our Love.

If that isn’t enough, maybe this isn’t the page for you.

All others, come on in, let the adventure begin!


 An inside, honest look, into Rocco's world.

We would love for you to see how you too are a part of our every day. It's not easy but there really is a lot of joy, so much joy! Always remember to accept everyone around you. Not only those who are autistic, but no matter their race, gender, religion, status...

Kindness is free. Be generous.

For a signed copy please send me a message below!

Can't wait to share with you!

If you want to order for yourself follow the link:

Contact Us

We love hearing from you, let us know what’s on your mind or order your signed copy of "awesome and autistic" today!


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Rocco's Journey Will Never End...

Since Rocco's diagnosis we have been down a long and windy road.  This is like a road in Jersey... then Philly...Back to Jersey... and more.. all these tolls along the way.  If you'd like to help us pay some of these tolls through #RoccosJourney we'd appreciate it! EI, Drs, Neuros, Meds, Etc. Every little bit helps!

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