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Who is Valerie Cullari, the Founder of ROCCOSJOURNEY?

As someone who has been involved in the special needs field for years, I never fully grasped the inequalities and brokenness in the system until I became a special needs mom to two children. My son was the first to be diagnosed, which led me on a mission to educate myself and help others navigate the world of special needs. One year later, my daughter was born with her own diagnosis, and my passion for helping others only intensified.

At ROCCOSJOURNEY, I offer resources, advocacy, and support for families with special needs children. As someone who has experienced the challenges firsthand, I understand the importance of having a strong support system and access to information and resources. Through my website and social media platforms, I aim to connect with other families and provide them with the tools they need to thrive.

I am a mom just like you (or a dad, Aunt, brother, cousin, friend). I knew growing up I wanted to help people I just never knew where in the community, in the world I belonged. Who knew my passion would be given to me. My drive outweighs my exhaustion and I hope that should you ever need someone to help you on your own journey should it be help, an ear, or guidance, you know you can turn to us. My name is Valerie and I am the voice that will be heard.

Ms. Northern NJ International 2025

My name is Valerie Cullari and I am the 2024 NY and NJ International Congeniality Award Winner and the Runner-Up Ms. New Jersey

Please let me introduce myself and why my voice will be heard for those that haven't been heard.


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2021 - When I first began the journey of getting my voice heard

When someone asks you to tell them a little bit about yourself what is your go-to answer?

Do you have one?


Princess Valerie, Mrs. Morris County International 2021 @valerieinspires , is on a mission! She gets up and fights a daily battle to educate, inform and protect the autistic population. This includes her two beautiful children, Rocco and Lily. Val had a chance last week to sit down with Mike Grande @thegrandeman321 host of the Rock City Central podcast @rockoutloud This interview was raw and emotional and that’s why we love Val so much. The tenth in our Queen series, click the link in our bio to listen won’t be sorry! 🧩 🌈👸🏼#njintlpageant #njintlpageants #intlpageants #internationalpageants #podcast #podcastsofinstagram #autismawareness

Why I Chose The Pageant


I've written and said so many things about your journey and my advocation for autism that when it comes to this weekend's adventure, all I can hope for is for one person to hear it, I mean really hear it. For your voice to resound so loudly that it leaves an impact creating a wave carried on to another life. Understanding the need for inclusion and #education, but above and beyond all, compassion.

I say this is all for you baby boy, and Lily as well, but this is for all of the children and adults that can't ask for what they need so badly. You need to be heard, we need to be heard, this weekend, all will be heard.


Crown or no #crown, I will never give up.

By the way, we each have our freckle in the exact same spot!

Mrs. Morris County NJ International 2021​


"New Jersey International Pageants

April 16 at 7:24 PM ·

If you can dream it, you can do it! Not only is this autism mama fighting for her children to have everything in life they deserve, she does it with poise, grace, beauty and a spirit we all love. This is why our Mrs. Morris County International 2021, Valerie Cullari, @valerieinspires was our Congeniality Winner, chosen by the Class of 2021. Thank you Queen for sharing your beautiful soul with us! 👸🏼💜👑Photographed by Official Photographer @kingaaronphotography 📸#njintlpageant #njintlpageants #intlpageants #internationalpageants #autismawareness #autismmom #congenialityaward

New Jersey International Pageants"

"This weekend's journey began late last year with me hesitantly rejoining another pageant. Just like many things in our world they do carry a stigma which is unfortunate because I believe it's an opportunity many pass up for the wrong reasons.

That being said, I not only was able to speak about my desire to be a #voiceforthevoiceless, #autismawareness, and the lack of support for #autismeducators but WE WERE HEARD!

I was approached by so many supporters, professionals, and even some autistic adults who thanked me for what I was doing.

We were embraced with kindness and love, compassion and understanding and it was 100 percent reciprocated by myself. This was a group of women who all believed in one thing, changing the world.

With that being said, I could not be more honored, more blessed, more humbled to have been the first Award of the night given to me by all of my sash sisters....


I will wear this "crown" with the highest honor knowing that I was able to make you feel the way you made me, home.

The pageant may be over but ROCCOSJOURNEY inc. has just begun!!!

Great things are coming.

Again, thank you to all my sponsors, my supporters, my family, and friends....

Especially those who cheered so loudly last night! Of course the loudest in the house who screamed over everyone.... The reason I do this.... My purpose....


I'll never stop.

#autismrespect #AutismAcceptance"

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