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A Foundation fighting for Autism and Neurodiversity Acceptance, Inclusion, and Education

What will be the purpose and goals of ROCCOSJOURNEY:

  • Work with the school system on improving programs and building parental support groups

  • Create safe places and times for Special Needs families (all ages) to go and enjoy fundamentals outside the home, i.e. sensory hour at Chuck E Cheese, Early Hour at the zoo, Quiet time at the Aquarium, Gym time, etc.

  • Host sensory-friendly events that help bring awareness into the community and create acceptance of diversity

  • Work with law enforcement to help provide and lead training sessions in recognizing high risk autism-related contacts and safety in the community

  • Advocate for families that do not have the funds or the means to protect their children in the system

While we have attained several of these goals that does not mean we won't strive to do better and continue working to improve. Thank you to all who not only volunteer your time but help with donations. You are making a difference!

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